Sanur Smart Comfort Apartment is located right on the sandy beach of Sanur

Sanur Gallery
  • Sanur Stone Pillar

    The pillar, down a narrow lane to the left as you face Pura Belangjong, is Bali’s oldest dated artefact and has ancient inscriptions recounting military victories of more than a thousand years ago. These inscriptions are in Sanskrit and are evidence of Hindu influence 300 years before the arrival of the Majapahit court.

  • Bali Orchid Garden

    Given Bali’s warm weather and rich volcanic soil, no one should be surprised that orchids thrive in abundance here. At this garden you can see thousands of orchids in a variety of settings. It’s 3km north of Sanur along Jl Ngurah Rai, just past the major intersection with the coast road.

  • Sanur Beachfront Walk

    Sanur’s beachfront walk was the first in Bali and from day one has been delighting locals and visitors alike. Over 4km long, it follows the sand south as it curves to the west. Offshore you’ll see gnarled fishermen in woven bamboo hats standing in the shallows rod-fishing for a living. At the northern end of the beach, elderly men gather at sunrise for meditasi – swimming and baking in the black volcanic sand found only at that end of the beach.

  • Museum Le Mayeur

    The Belgian artist Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpes (1880–1958) arrived in Bali in 1932. Three years later, he met and married the beautiful Legong dancer Ni Polok when she was just 15. They lived in this compound, which houses the museum, when Sanur was still a quiet fishing village. The main house must have been delightful – a peaceful and elegant home filled with art and antiques right by the tranquil beach